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Lettering Library - Shop by Jason Carne
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"Tell ‘3m they’re DREAMING!"

"Well Cumm to our CUNTrY?!"

- Sarah-Josie Millman


Architectural orchards this suburban flow arranged in white painted rows.

"My spirit animal is a llama having too much fun! Eat the food Tina, eat the food!"

- Sarah-Josie Millman


Assembling The New Konstruktor F Flash Accessory Kit!

Hurray for the new Konstruktor F camera and Flash Accessory Kit! Here’s a little tipster on how assemble it:


Playing Animal Crossing like


(via beautiful-but-broken-world)

"Don’t provoke the writer or she might just write you off!"

- Sarah-Josie Millman. (via nakedanddippedinglitter)


In case you’re trying to keep track of the Infinity Gems;
Kevin Feige (President of Marvel Studios) stated that the Tessaract seen in The Avengers and Thor was actually an Infinity Gem, specifically the Space Gem.
The Aether seen in Thor: The Dark World is also one, although it’s yet to be confirmed exactly which one. Personally, I think it fits into the Reality Gem's power area.
Loki’s Staff, seen in Avengers, Thor, etc appears to have a gem. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, a scene in the credits shows it being un-assembled digitally, possibly alluding to the gem in it being a Infinity Gem. I’d say it’d be the Mind Gem.
In Guardians of the Galaxy, the “Orb” item that Peter steals houses a purple gem, said to be the Power Gem by Feige.
That leaves us with just two; the Time Gem and the Soul Gem.

"Love is a biochemical godlike reaction to your proper life mate."

- Sarah-Josie Millman